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Shield CEO Mr. Sun Lanbo awarded as one of China Top 10 Entrepreneurs 2018
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Award Words:He has been quietly doing one thing for more than 20 years. His test tube is small, but full of great ambitions. His successes are from the dream of  serving China through high-tech industry and numerous professional experiments, which fill the domestic gaps. He stands on the shoulders of giants and annoates with years that no road is longer than persistence and no moutain peak is higher than belief. 


Mr. Wang Jiang ping, Vice Minister of China's Mintistry of Industry and Information Technology, awarded Mr. Sun Lanbo Fire Star Cup.


Mr. Sun Lanbo waved the  cup to the honored guests and the audience.


The Vice Minister Wang Jiang ping congratulated Mr. Sun Lanbo.


CCTV host Lu Yiming talked about the history of Shield company with Mr. Sun Lanbo.


Gao Yunlong, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the award ceremony.


Business Leader Mr. Zong qinghou attended the award ceremony.


Business Leader Ms. Dong Mingzhu attended the award ceremony.


Business Leader Mr. Cao Dewang attended the award ceremony.


CCTV Ms. Yan Qiong attended the Ceremony


CCTV hostess, famous investors and entrepreneurs recited poems to celebarate the award.


The investors and entrepreneurs sing the song "Begin Again" together to celebrate the award.


The award ceremony will be broadcasted by CCTV-2  Dec.15 2018, pay close attention to please!







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