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Counter Declaration Against Momentive
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Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Files Suit against Hebei Shield

Hebei Shield announces following counter declaration 


Tianjin, December 12th, 2011



Hebei Shield has developed an independent route for producing Neocarboxylic Acid ShiNA?10 as well as its Esters ShiGENA?10 as well as ShiVENA?10, hence states never having violated Momentive’s patent for the production of CARDURA?E10P Glycidyl Ester Monomer or other related products. Hebei Shield will therefore set all possible measures to defend against the accusationes in order to protect their reputation and market position.


Hebei Shield states that their production process is unique and offers technical advantages over other known routes. Hebei Shield believes that the main reason for accusing them of infringement of patent is to force Hebei Shield to disclose their process technology. Hebei Shield is of the opinion that this accusation should push them out of the market and getting back to a monopoly-like market position.


Hebei Shield guarantees to all the customers, that she will not involve them directly in the case. However Hebei Shield would welcome any input from 3rd parties.





Sun Lanbo

General Manager

Hebei Shield Excellence Technology Co., Ltd.











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