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Solvents for HPLC
Our company is the first manufacture for the product and has nearly two decades of production history. We provides a full range of products which are of high vltraviolet (UV) transmittance and suitable for gradient detection.


Pyridine-free Karl-Fischer reagent
Our company is the fist manufacture for the product, with coulometric method and volumetric method, odorless & tasteless, strong in titer and high in accuracy.


Neocarboxylic Acid &Its Derivatives

Shield Company is the second supplier of ShiNA ( Neo carboxylic Acids ),ShiVENA ( Vinyl Esters of Neo carboxylic Acid ) and ShiGENA ( Glycidyl Esters of Neo carboxylic Acid ) in the world.The annual output capacity is15000 tons ShiNA, 10000 tons, ShiVENA and 6000 tonsShiGENA. 


About Us


The production base covers 150 mu (about 100 thousand square meters),and has formed complete infrastructure such as water supply, power, heating and sewage disposal system, etc.


Quality Assurance

Both Tianjin and Hebei Shield are the enterprise had obtained ISO9000 quality system certification. It has complete quality management capacity, thus guarantee the high quality of product.



Shield has undertaken and completed two key state “Ninth Five-year” technologies R&D program. Its results fill the domestic gap and reach the international advanced level. Its products are named as the national key and new products.


Tianjin Shield Specialty Chemical Ltd. Co. 

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